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AA Pet provides pet insurance that covers the cost of veterinary care without any waiting period. Pet owners pay for the veterinary services upfront and can then submit documents to AA Pet for reimbursement up to a certain limit. AA Pet assesses and approves claims, and pays pet owners directly within 14 days of receiving all required information. This can help pet owners save time and money while ensuring their pets receive the necessary medical care. AA Pet’s pet insurance policies provide peace of mind to pet owners, protecting their pets and enabling them to afford unexpected veterinary bills.

Where do I go if I get stuck doing a quote?

There are several ways to contact us for more information or assistance with a quote. You can visit our contact page to describe your issue or ask a question, and our client services team will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, you may call our office at 0872327014, or email us at

How does the excess work?

AA Pet charges an excess on every claim submitted to AA Pet. This excess payment is a fixed amount that the policyholder is responsible for paying before AA Pet compensates for the remaining amount. The amount of excess is determined by AA Pet and is usually R150 or 10% of the claimed event, whichever is the greater. This excess payment helps keep the premiums of the policyholders low and is a common practice in the insurance industry.

It is important to note that this excess payment is not a payment that is made by the pet owner to AA Pet. Instead, it is a deduction from the reimbursed amount that AA Pet will compensate the pet owner for the claim event. This means that the pet owner will only receive the remaining amount after the excess payment has been deducted. It is also worth noting that this excess payment only applies to each claim submitted and not to the entire policy year.

What is covered under accident and illness cover?

As stated in the policies of PetFirst insurance, the following accident events are covered under your policy:

  • “Accident”, “accidental” or “accidentally” refers to a sudden, unforeseen and unintended event causing injury to your pet, and excludes any deliberate act by you.

It is important to note that this coverage does not include any injury caused by deliberate acts.

  • “Illness” refers to a sickness, disease, or any change to your pet’s normal healthy state, as diagnosed by a veterinarian, which is not caused by injury to your pet and first manifests itself after the completion of your applicable waiting period.

In other words, if your pet becomes ill during the waiting period, it will not be covered by the policy. However, if your pet remains healthy during the waiting period and then becomes ill after that, the policy will cover the illness.

These are defined accidents that your pet is covered for.

  • Accidental poisoning
  • Allergic reaction to an insect bite (other than tick or flea bites)
  • Burn or electrocution
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Near-drowning
  • Swallowed or embedded foreign object requiring surgical or endoscopic removal, Bone fracture
Why are AA Pet's premiums so reasonable?

AA Pet provides a unique pricing calculator that calculates the base premium for your pet insurance based solely on the breed of your pet and the annual cover amount you select. If you choose to add additional benefits to your policy, the appropriate loading will be added to the base premium and you will be provided with the actual premium cost.

When you add an additional pet to your policy, you will receive a 10% discount on your overall premium. We only cover pet accidents and illnesses, unless you choose to add additional benefit options to your policy. At AA Pet, we believe that pet owners should have flexibility in choosing the level of coverage and cost that suits their needs.

When and how will I be debited?

AA Pet provides instant cover for pets. Once the policy is accepted, we will debit a pro rata amount for the insurance from your chosen bank account. This payment ensures that your pet is covered from the day of acceptance. The pro rata amount is not the full premium amount. Thereafter, the policy premium will be debited from your bank account.

The Pro Rata is not the full premium amount but rather the amount required to cover your pet from the day of acceptance to the day of the customer-selected debit order.

AA Pet offers two payment methods.  Customers can pay with credit cards or they can set up a debit order from their selected bank account. We also allow customers to do one annual payment, where they get 12 months of cover for the price of 11 months. Or pay monthly.

How do I claim?

Please view our claim process page for all the details on the claims process.

Or for any claim queries, you can email us at


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